Je suis originaire d’Orléans mais afin de continuer mes études en français j’ai pris mon cours au Collège Boréal à Sudbury. Après avoir obtenu mon diplôme du programme intensif de trois ans en 2009, j’ai ensuite rempli les exigences et reçu ma certification en tant que massothérapeute agréé en Ontario(CMTO). J’ai depuis travaillé dans divers environnements de travail, tels que des spas, une clinique de physiothérapie et des cliniques avec seulement des RMTs. Je fait aussi partie de l’Association des massothérapeutes agréés de l’Ontario (RMTAO)depuis 2009, ce qui me permet de garder les règlements et les connaissances à jour.

Throughout those years I have continued to excel in my practice by completing many courses such as;

  • Myofascial Release Therapy
  • Mid/Lower Cervical
  • Shoulder Mobilization
  • Sacroiliac joint Mobilization
  • Thoracic/ Rib Dysfunction
  • Cupping Revolution Therapy

I also have experience treating patients; Pregnancy /post-partum, babies (3days+), TMJ/Headache/Migraine, Scars(old and new), Cancer remission, Sports injury, training/performance training and more.

I love learning and am amazed by the human body. I find myself fortunate and love that my career requires me to learn and take courses that help apply diverse treatment plans to better fit each client. From maintenance treatment, pain management, to deep-tissue and well-being/self-care treatment I believe each massage is beneficial as part of a healthy routine. I myself have experienced a few shares of trauma and body abuse from sports and life. For me, regular Therapy treatments, yoga, stretches and strengthening exercises are key to keep the body moving for everyday life activities.

Thank you, looking forward to meeting you.