Only Yue can take care of you.

A quote that I have stood by since day one on the job.

My journey has been a wondrous one as I was raised in the sunny realms of Florida and came to Canada to pursue a degree in economics at Carleton University. One day I was helping out at an open house for The International Academy of Massage Therapy school and I was asked to participate in a demonstration for massage therapy.  After my one session with the massage therapist I immediately noticed that the improvement in my range of motion increased dramatically. Since then, I have followed up with the many benefits massage therapy could offer.

I am a proud graduate of the International Academy of Massage Therapy located in Ottawa.  I have volunteered with numerous massage therapy events such as the Relay For Life and Triathlon where I have even done the 24 hours of massage challenge. I believe in delivering the best care possible to all of my clients.  I have treated a variety of conditions ranging from clients who have been in motor vehicle accidents, stressful work environments and people who have slept incorrectly resulting in immobility to stiffness or may be experiencing no sleep at all.

My latest continued studies includes graduating from a 2500 hour Acupuncture Diploma Program so that I could add Cupping, Acupressure and Tui Na to my already expanded repertoire. I am currently conducting personal research and practice in discovering if and how massage therapy could reduce the tension of the oracular (eye) muscles to restore myopia (nearsightedness) which is when the eye contracts into an oval from the normal spherical shape beyond the genetic factors. 

My treatments include the following:

  • Deep Tissue + Soft Tissue Manipulations (Swedish, Petrissage, etc for everything from stress to muscle tension)
  • Tui Na (Chinese Muscle Manipulation Therapy)
  • Joint Mobilization (PNF, Isometric, Tractioning, etc)
  • Tendonitis/Bursitis/Arthritis Relief
  • Stimulating Circulation Improvements (Tapotement, Vibrations, Lymph Draining, etc to improve cold extremities.) 
  • Headache Pains and Sinus Relief via (Acupressure and Swedish)
  • Joint Manipulations for Disc/Nerve Impingement Pains 

I look forward to meeting with you all!

Yue’s regular availability

Yue’s regular availability

***hours may be subject to change based on therapist availability