The Healing Hands RMT Advantage

Healing Hands registered massage therapy offers a unique massage therapy service to its clientele.┬áBy blending massage and myofascial techniques accompanied by the client’s active participation in the therapy, Healing Hands RMT can educate you on body posture and how it can affect your lifestyle.

  • Myofascial release ( student of Structural Integration)
  • Massage therapy
  • Posture assessment
  • Graston Technique 
  • Advanced Joint Mobilizations 
  • Deep tissue sport massage
  • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular facilitation
  • Body reading of Myofascial Meridians
  • Recommending remedial exercise
  • Muscle Energy Technique for Lumbar, Sacrum, Pelvis 
  • Muscle Energy Technique for Cervical and Shoulder 
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Homecare